Hovers Over Water Creates a Memorable Packaging Experience for Adidas The Pack Using Lenticular Animation

by Jessica Deseo on 03/18/2020 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

Creating a memorable story and packaging experience depicting the transition of athletes from the streets to the field of play in support of THE PACK, Adidas' premiere sport-inspired apparel and footwear collection.

Editorial photograph

There are no boundaries at the intersection of sport and culture, the lines are constantly shifting. It’s not about where you’re from or what sport you play, it’s about how you feel and how you perform. Whether it’s the world you live in, or the world you play in, keep your style fresh and your game tight.

Featured in this project is an Adidas seeding kit where LENTICULAR ANIMATION brings this footwear and apparel story to life through analog movement and meticulous graphic engineering. Our intention was to create a compelling and unique visual effect that spoke to the notion of transformation and shifting from one state to the next - much like the athletes when they move from their home life to their sport life. The glitch effect effect also represents the blurring of the lines between both worlds.

Our process included creating an outer shell / casing which nested the larger box and was designed to reveal specific slivers of the external graphics. As the box was removed from this casing, other segments of the graphic would be revealed therefore creating a Lenticular or vibrating graphic effect. The box itself was matte black while the graphic imprint was an IRIDESCENT FOIL - which also shifts in color at various angles and with various lighting. Inside the box the consumer would find 1 pair of Adidas shoes and 2 premium hoodies as well a lenticular information card matching the effect created on exterior of box. In addition, the hoodies were presented inside of a premium, zip locked POUCH which was also MATTE BLACK with IRIDESCENT and BLACK FOIL imprinting.

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