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Stix Makes Buying A Pregnancy Test Easy And Discreet

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/09/2020 | 3 Minute Read

Walk into almost any pharmacy, and you'll find that one dreaded aisle. You know, the one with euphemisms like “family planning” that carries products one needs but would prefer to buy with some privacy, like pregnancy and ovulation tests. Even if taboos around sex have softened over the years, these kinds of tests are intimate and private information that, frankly, isn’t anyone else’s business.

The value of being able to discreetly purchase items like a pregnancy test became clear to Stix cofounder Cynthia Plotch—while buying a pregnancy test, she ran into her boyfriend’s mom. Besides sparing any potential awkwardness in the drug store, Plotch and fellow Stix cofounder Jamie Norwood looked for other ways to improve on the experience, developing a more approachable and inclusive brand with unintimidating instructions.

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“We started by interviewing thousands of women and found that about 50% were taking pregnancy tests because they were actively trying to conceive, and the other 50% were taking pregnancy tests hoping they were not pregnant,” explains Norwood. 

“Additionally, the vast majority of both cohorts agreed that buying a pregnancy test was a terrible experience," Norwood added. "We built Stix to bring peace of mind, whatever outcome you're looking for." The upstart brand prides itself on being pregnancy-agnostic, and they aim to serve their community regardless of the reasons they take one of the tests. That's part of the reason why they opted for ordering online—especially during the pandemic—and plain mailers, both decisions that vastly improved their consumer’s experience with the brand.

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The non-obvious outer packaging makes no mention of the brand or its contents. The mailers fit inside a standard mail slot, so it’s not sitting on a doorstep, nor does it require a signature. Plus, Stix offers PayPal at checkout for secure and private transactions.

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Norwood also designed the packaging. Inside, round organic shapes in neutral tones broadcast a sense of calm and reassurance, betraying the cold, sterile look that many pregnancy kits still utilize. “We use bright colors and organic shapes to help our customers feel more at ease with the process of taking a pregnancy test,” Norwood said. Typography is sturdy and conveys intellect and knowledge, while the packaging follows Stix’s pregnancy-agnostic ethos, featuring copy that is supportive regardless of the desired result.

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“The mantra is ‘take a deep breath,’ and on the ovulation test, it's ‘get in the know,’” she added. Additionally, the instructions come designed to be jargon-free and straightforward to understand, creating a cohesive identity that’s both easy on the eyes and doesn’t rock the boat through one of life’s more memorable moments.

“Our ultimate goal with our packaging is to bring peace of mind to confusing or stressful moments,” said Norwood.