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Heineken Releases Dry January Advent Calendar

by Bill McCool on 01/02/2020 | 2 Minute Read

With the holidays firmly—and mercifully—in the rearview mirror, we can finally put aside rich foods, the unending piles of sweets, and, yes, the copious amounts of booze necessary to get through another old-fashioned family Christmas. 

If you’re still nursing that New Year’s hangover and have resolved yourself to drinking a little less in 2020, well, Heinken has an advent calendar just for that.

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Just in time for Dry January—a whole month where folks abstain from drinking—Heinken released a special 31-pack of non-alcoholic beer, one for each day of the month, for a suds-less holiday of self-renewal.

Designed by Minneapolis-based Fast Horse and dubbed “the perfect resolution solution,” drinkers only need fiendishly tear away the cardboard punch-out for their zero-alcohol treat. Better still, if you’re looking to bite off more than you can chew for this annual period of “reflection” where you set unrealistic goals mired in a haze of self-doubt and shame when you could instead be a little kinder to yourself and give yourself a break, it’s also low in calories.

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And how many calories would you find in this non-beer beer you ask? 69, dudes!

Sadly, the 31-pack box is no longer available as Heineken was giving the january Dry pack away for free, but you can still find the zero-percent brew at select retailers.

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