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Robot Food Goes Full Wonka On Vocation Brewery's Golden Ticket

by Bill McCool on 01/15/2020 | 2 Minute Read

If there's one thing from the books you read as a kid that sticks out, it might be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's promise of a golden ticket, and it's one-way trip to a world of pure imagination. Sadly, time takes its inevitable toll and marches on to who knows where, and those golden tickets tend to lose their luster and get swept aside, leaving us to wonder where all that time went anyway.

But at least we have beer?  

Specifically, this Wonka-inspired stout from Vocation Brewery that gets a design-assist from Robot Food:

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"Come with me… and you’ll be… in a world of pure chocolate stouty heaven.

No, not a Robot Food remix of the classic Willy Wonka track, but our twelfth and final foray into the idea vault for the 2019 Vocation Brewery Special Series.

The final beer of the year is Vocation Brewery’s take on a chocolate stout, and nothing quite says chocolate like a Willy Wonka co-sign. As the man himself once said, “time is a precious thing, never waste it," so we stopped daydreaming and got to work.

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Welcome to Vocation Brewery’s chocolate factory, where beer is mixed by waterfall* and brews get conjured up by pure imagination. Printed on a supremely blingy gold foil stock with embossed graphic details, this chocolate stout is 93% delicious, 6% scrumdiddly, 7% umptious, and 100% your golden ticket to a tremendous, milky, chocolatey treat."

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