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Target's New Private Label Good & Gather Is Just One More Thing For You To Endlessly Gather

by Shawn Binder on 08/21/2019 | 2 Minute Read

When most people think of Target, they think of that extensive $1 section that beckons to them the moment they walk through the doors. Or maybe they think of the smell of popcorn or grabbing their caffeine fix at one of the franchise Starbucks booths. Some fantasize about their home-goods section or even an extensive candle aisle.

Mostly, people ponder how every time they go to a Target, they end up spending way more than they had planned in the first place.

But what most people don’t think about with Target is high-end groceries. Well, that's about to change as Target rolls out their new grocery line of high-quality, nutritious foods and pre-made meals, Good & Gather.  

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“Our guests are incredibly busy and want great-tasting food they can feel good about feeding their families,” said Stephanie Lundquist, Target executive vice president of food & beverage, in a press release. “We saw this as a huge opportunity for Target to help. So our team got to work on our most ambitious food undertaking yet, reimagining our owned food brands to serve up convenient, affordable options that do not cut corners on quality or taste. Good & Gather is our way of helping even the most time-strapped families discover the everyday joy of food.”  

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The branding for the new line is minimal, utilizing hero colors with a matte finish that allow the products to jump off the shelf. The luxe packaging employs stylized images of the products, coupled with playful illustrations. The marriage of whimsy along highly stylized photography allows a serif lower-case "g" meant to represent the brand’s name to take center-stage. 

Target fans won’t have to wait long as the retail giant is launching 650 products beginning September, 15th, with all 2,000-plus items available by late 2020.

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Some of the initial products to be offered include milk, cereals, snack foods, and dried fruit. This shift means that the store will be phasing out their older food lines such as Archer Farms and Simply Balanced, whose products will resurface under the Good & Gather name. Target plans for Good & Gather to grow into a multi-billion dollar label, with the brand stating that nearly 75 percent of customers in stores add at least one food item to their shopping baskets. 

The shift is a smart move for Target, given that consumers appreciate convenience in private-label groceries, especially when it can consolidate their trips to the store.