Coca-Cola Heads Back to the 80s With 'Stranger Things'

by Casha Doemland on 05/21/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Coca-Cola is trying to bring back a taste of nostalgia this summer as New Coke makes its first appearance since 1985.

For those of you who were still just a twinkle in your Pappy's eye, the debut of New Coke that delivered a slightly sweeter twist to the original formula didn't win hearts and minds in America. It did quite the opposite, resulting in thousands of phone calls and letters (the 80s equivalent to putting someone on blast via Twitter) demanding the original, classic formula return.

Despite this nationwide backlash, Coca-Cola is going for it yet again in collaboration with Netflix's hit show, Stranger Things. The big difference this time around, according to Stuard Kronauge, president of Coke's sparkling business unit and senior vice president of marketing for Coca-Cola North America, is they're not taking themselves too seriously.

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“Bringing back New Coke for the first time in 34 years seemed like the most organic way to bring this partnership to life,” said Kronauge in a press release. “Our commitment to innovation entails more than launching new drinks – it’s also about taking risks and trying bold new things in fun ways to bring delight and value to our fans. Partnering with Stranger Things undoubtedly delivers against this objective.”

If anything, Strangers Things’ showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer manifested this into creation as they've gone to great lengths to weave Coca-Cola into the show since season one, and have even planned the 3rd season to take place in the summer of '85 when New Coke was all the craze.

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Whatever the reason, starting this Thursday, May 23rd at 5 Eastern, Cola-Cola is dropping a limited number of New Coke Cans with the same, slightly sweeter recipe that caused so much outrage, alongside two limited edition Stranger Things Coca Cola & Coke Zero bottles on their 80's website

If you miss the online madness, there will able be New Cokes with a design focus on the “upside down” that will pop up in vending machines in select cities, as well as at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta and the Coca-Cola Store Las Vegas.

Of course, maybe New Coke isn't your jam, and you're skimming this article in hopes of the drop date for season 3. Well, it's July 4th. You’re welcome, and happy binging to all.

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