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Lost Sheep Makes Compostable Nespresso Coffee Capsules From Wood

by Rudy Sanchez on 05/17/2019 | 2 Minute Read

Few can argue against the convenience of drink pod systems like Keurig and Nespresso; they’re simple to operate, and they make consistent cups of coffee quickly, and cleanup involves discarding the spent pod into the bin. The advantages of these single-serve coffee cups, however, are outweighed by the environmental cost of additional packaging, some of which is plastic.

One coffee roaster in the UK has created a 100% compostable coffee pod that delivers a caffeinated punch without contributing to the plastic garbage epidemic.

“We know our customers want the convenience of being able to make a quality cup of coffee at home but without the guilt of chucking more plastic or aluminum into landfills,” says Stuart Wilson, Founder of Lost Sheep Coffee.

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Lost Sheep Coffee has created a 100% compostable pod that's not only free of plastics or glue but also outperforms previous attempts for compostable pods at keeping the coffee fresh. Coffee quickly goes stale if exposed to air, light, heat and moisture, but Lost Sheep guarantees these new pods to have a shelf life of at least 12 months.

The pods are made from a substance called lignin, which is derived from wood bark and is a by-product of paper production, with the UK coffee roaster claiming the pods will fully compost in just a matter of weeks (they're also certified 100% compostable by TUV Austria).

There are two varieties available in the compostable pods; Smooth Journey, which is described as an everyday coffee, and the exotic and robust Funky Camper. The former is said to be “super smooth and sweet” and the latter as having an Irish cream flavor with a big fudge body. Both are single-sourced from a Barbosa farm in Brazil, with Funky Camper beans undergoing three weeks of fermentation.

Both varieties of compostable pods are available now, with a decaf option promised soon.