To Commemorate A Major Anniversary, SUL Educational Brochures Are Styled As VHS Cassettes

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/04/2019 | 3 Minute Read

For client SUL Education’s newest brochure, designer Aurimas Kadzevi?ius drew inspiration from another 1979 debut, the VHS cassette tape. The catalogs use elements such as cassette sleeves and sticker labels, respecting the past while SUL’s curriculum prepares students to innovate for a better future.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

“Our main target set by our client was to create a brochure for SUL Education Ltd, so the company could present their programmes for Junior Students at sales workshops and other events.


There were 4 types of stickers included within the design of each brochure cover, each having 10 different texts, designed to look like handwriting. This allows for 40 possible cover variations. This feature helped us to fulfil the task of brochure’s presentation when SUL participates at the B2B workshops. They can place brochures on the table as though it were a pile of VHS cassettes.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

1. To indirectly present the company’s creative way of organizing their educational process.

2. To show the history of the company.

Editorial photograph

After conducting some research, we found out that the first VHS tape cassette was released in Japan on September 9, 1976, by Victor Company of Japan (JVC), exactly the same year the company’s founders Christopher and Nicole Retallack welcomed their first students and established their business. To commemorate the year of these events, we decided to design SUL’s 2020 season’s brochure as the first tape cassette.

Editorial photograph

All the design and animation is in a 1980s style.

We used the original (1976-1990) logo of SUL Education and placed a sticker with the current logo on the cassette box; stickers were placed on packaging in this way during the 1980s.

Editorial photograph

The brochure’s cover, the cassette’s case, was created in 4 different styles and colours schemes.

In order to enhance this brochure’s functionality and make it even more interactive, you can actually see a short animation by flipping through the pages of the brochure and watching the robot we created doing a floss dance. This robot was chosen as the main character because biggest sales for SUL are to their Robotics Summer Lab programme, which the company runs in cooperation with LEGO Education and the Robotics Academy.

Editorial photograph

The world has changed. So have we. Let’s appreciate our past and innovate for a better future.“

  • Concept/Art Direction: Aurimas Kadzevičius
  • Design: Birutė Bikelytė
  • Print: Greita Spauda/GSP Supply
  • Print Producer: Rapolas Danilevičius
  • Photographer: Kernius Pauliukonis "Packshot"


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