The Spirit Of Holiday Gatherings Shine Inspires Haus Aperitif Limited Edition Boxes

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/27/2019 | 3 Minute Read

Holiday gatherings and celebrations inspire artists to create a trio of limited edition packaging for Haus, makers of aperitifs, an aromatic liqueur that is lower in alcohol than the gins and whiskeys they are based upon. The exquisitely design boxes are festive and premium enough to stand alone as an unwrapped gift.

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‘Artist collaborations have always been something we're excited about at Haus, and we're thrilled to be working with some of the best illustrators in business today for this release,’ said Price Hambrecht. ‘People are already proud to show off Haus bottles in their home, and this takes it one step further for the holiday season.’

“Haus, the brand creating products for how we gather today, announces a collaboration with Brooklyn-based illustrator Jing Wei, San Francisco-based lettering artist and illustrator Jessica Hische and LA-based illustrator Loveis Wise to create limited edition Haus packaging for the holiday season. Each design is customizable with the choice of either Haus apéritif, Citrus Flower or Bitter Clove, and the gorgeous packaging means one less thing to wrap. Also sold as a set, the Haus Holiday Artist Trio is perfect for those who wish to gift, or collect, all three unique designs. 

Creative veteran and Haus co-founder Helena Price Hambrecht selected these brilliant independent artists for their creativity and design aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the spirit of gathering for the holidays.

Hische explained, ‘The holidays can be such a busy time but in all the craziness there’s always one perfectly quiet moment—when everyone is gathered around the table and the cacophony of disparate conversations quiets down as someone calls for a toast. Everyone is gathered together and fully present in that moment, appreciating each other and celebrating their lives together. I wanted to acknowledge that moment by celebrating the toasts that happen at every table across the world.’

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The limited edition holiday boxes include a 750 ml bottle of Bitter Clove or Citrus Flower, and retail for $35 each. The Haus Holiday Artist Trio will retail for $90 for the set of three, and each package is customizable with a 750 ml bottle of Bitter Clove or Citrus Flower as well. Available for presale beginning November 19, orders will start shipping on December 1. All products are available at“

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‘When I started thinking about this design, I was trying to visualize the kind of holiday parties my friends and I love,’ shared Wei. ‘Bustling and relaxing at the same time, usually in a very small New York apartment, and always with a couple of animals in the mix. I hope this illustration evokes some of those warm and comforting feelings you get when you're surrounded by your favorite people, consuming delicious things in a cozy space.’

With Wise adding, ‘My design is inspired by the joy of spending the holidays with loved ones, expressing gratitude, and celebrating new beginnings!’

Haus apéritifs are craft liquors with one third the alcohol of gin or whiskey (15% ABV), and are perfect for those who enjoy the social ritual of drinking, but want a little less booze. The core flavors provide something for every palate: Citrus Flower is light and playful with lemon and elderflower, while Bitter Clove is reminiscent of a Manhattan, drawing inspiration from whiskey.

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