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We're Captivated By The Illustrations For This Mooncake Packaging

by Natalie Mouradian on 10/14/2019 | 2 Minute Read

We love the flat graphic illustration style approach that was implemented for this mooncake packaging.

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“This is the second year that The Coffee House produced their own Mid-autumn mooncake for the Vietnamese market. This year the package is presented with hand-crafted  illustration by artists portraying the beauty of a city landscape on a full-moon night with sky lanterns as known as 'Sai Gon silent night'.”

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Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

“The final package is a little tip of an iceberg. We came up with several sketches at first, then crafting the illustrations in weeks later. Only one final illustration came through the production process. We are still hopefully the others will be published sometime in future.

We used stamping foil printing at certain area, graphic or pattern to stimulate the moon light's halo that shine over things during full moon night and enhancing the premium look of the package which is mainly using as a special gift of the festival.”

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“Special thanks to people that contributed to the project, from brand team, printer, mooncake maker, and also shippers who tirelessly deliver happiness to customers.”

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Editorial photograph

Client: The Coffee House

Creative Direction: Vuong Nguyen

Art Director: Vuong Nguyen

Designer: Vuong Nguyen, Kai

Illustrator: Duong Hoang, Tram Anh, TREE Studios

Project Manager: Kei Nguyen

Assistant: Minh Hoang

Model: Kei Nguyen

Photographer: Vuong Nguyen, Graya Tieu