Featured image for Wildsmith Skin's Packaging Comes With a Beautiful Minimalistic Look

Wildsmith Skin's Packaging Comes With a Beautiful Minimalistic Look

by Natalie Mouradian on 08/15/2018 | 3 Minute Read

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In a world where skincare so often feels devoid of emotive connection, London studio Made Thought has helped Wildsmith Skin create a brand truly alive with the artistry of nature.

The design studio worked on the creation of the new Wildsmith Skin brand, nurturing its creative spirit and visual personality ahead of the July launch of its debut collection of mindful skincare experiences.

Made Thought helped Wildsmith tell the story of the brand via iconic visual imagery and beautifully-designed packaging and a website that sought to create an honest take on the wonders of nature.

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Inspired by wild nature, an unconventionally modest approach to skincare and beauty, Made Thought has created an elevated visual personality for the brand launching this month that aims to capture ‘the best from nature’ by bringing together the best and most effective ingredients from the natural world. 

Wildsmith’s debut collection is inspired by the natural wonder and sense of solace of the arboretum within the woodlands of Heckfield Place, a Hampshire country estate planted at the beginning of the 19th century by William Walker Wildsmith.

A horticulturalist famed for his progressive approach to cultivation and sustainability, the pioneering botanist wasn’t afraid to dream, to innovate, and to put nature at the centre of our collective experience.

Wildsmith Skin features only the very best nutrient-rich botanicals, natural actives and essential oils; precisely formulated to harness the potent skincare benefits hidden within nature’s finest ingredients. 

The Wildsmith Papers are the embodiment of this. Created in collaboration with The Communication Store and editor Kathleen Baird-Murray, it is a beautifully-curated online portfolio of illustrations, photographs and thought-provoking prose aiming to shed new light on the illusion of modern life. They offer a chance at freedom and a way of getting back to the pure joy of nature.

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Made Thought worked with Wildsmith Skin and its collaborators to produce an invigorating visual personality for the Papers, reflecting their intensely-human feel in a way that celebrates the notion of being ‘perfectly imperfect’.

Wildsmith Skin is initially available solely online via it’s e-commerce website.

Made Thought was also tasked with developing the creative direction of Wildsmith’s online presence, providing a poetic insight into its inspirations, expertise, and rich heritage.

Made Thought Founding Partner Ben Parker said: “So much of the beauty world looks formulaic and often doesn’t look beautiful, which is why the aesthetic is key.

“With a more relaxed and informal tone than most skincare brands, we wanted to show trust and precision but retaining an emotive feel — a more relatable and human side.

“We want to adopt a more editorial tone, that demystifies skin care and makes it accessible, whilst still feeling authoritative. The brand is centred around simple purity and simplicity, and a sense of joy and warmth — which evokes honesty and trust.”

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed By: Made Thought

Location: London, UK

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