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Le Logis Grey Goose, Sincèrement

by Elizabeth Freeman on 09/15/2016 | 3 Minute Read

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Grey Goose has long been known as one of the finest vodkas on the market, and they’ve recently released a special new blend from their headquarters in France. LINEA - The Spirit Valley Designers designed the packaging for this premium spirit that is aged for four years.

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“GREY GOOSE Vodka has taken up quarters in Juillac-le-Coq, near Cognac, in the ancient and prestigious Logis du Fresne. Named simply ‘LE LOGIS,’ the estate has been designed as a place of discovery, innovation and immersion for the brand. In order to extend the experience, Cellar Master François THIBAULT has created a new blend of GREY GOOSE eaux-de-vie that has been aged for four years.”

“As part of the process, François THIBAULT has also turned to Spirits Valley packaging design agency LINEA to create its original packaging. In order to reflect the art of ageing and blending, the bottle design they have chosen evokes the precious cabinets and bottles of the Cellar Masters.”

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“The packaging has been designed like an open letter from the Cellar Master to his guests. The aesthetics of the label, which can be personalised by hand, take inspiration from old-fashioned typewriters. The bottle is then carefully wrapped in personalised GREY GOOSE tissue paper, before being placed in a wooden case closed with a leather strap. Each material has been chosen to confirm the authenticity and unique characteristics of this spirit. These very limited edition bottles are numbered by hand and presented to the most prestigious guests.”

The wooden case gives consumers the feeling that they’re stepping into the cellar and drinking right from the barrels. As a limited edition vodka, the letter-inspired label feels personal and one-of-a-kind, making the experience incredibly memorable for whoever is lucky enough to have one. The neck of the bottle is tied with string, almost as if it were a present. While the bottle’s shape is certainly unique and sets it apart from the regular Grey Goose Vodka, the flying bird ties it into the rest of the brand.

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Designed by LINEA - The Spirit Valley Designers

Country: France