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The Dieline Awards 2016 Outstanding Achievements: The Six Mile Pencil

by Elizabeth Freeman on 05/22/2016 | 2 Minute Read

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We wanted to get people re-engaged with the humble pencil and in turn creativity itself. After some (very scientific) testing, we worked out the average pencil can draw up to six miles. We gamified the pencil with mile markers down the body of the pencil. The more you sketch the more mileage you rack up, therefore encouraging creativity.

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Essentially we re-branded pencils and a bold move like that needs bold packaging. The bright yellow, monochromatic pack with matching pencils and notepad act as a head turner and hark back to the old school stationary we used as kids. Graphically, we maintained a super minimal, utilitarian style that works well against the vibrant yellow. The pencil on the front wraps the whole way round the pack to signify distance but also throws up a nice playful tone associated with the fun of creativity. The black foil type and the deep buckram finish reinforces the quality of the product inside and feels great to hold. As you push the inner pencil tray open, the box sneakily reveals a mini 50 leaf notepad. Finished with black foil and buckram, with the words "Let Your Thoughts Travel"; the notepad signifies the start of the creative journey.

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The pencils come in both mile and kilometre versions and were created in house as a self initiated project. The pencils sold worldwide through Kickstarter and are now directly through our site.

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Designers: Benny Lyon + Mat Lyon

Manufacturers: Chambers Pencils - Nottingham UK

Designed by LYON & LYON

Country: United Kingdom

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