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by Theresa Christine Johnson on 06/01/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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With the craft beer market expanding each day, every small detail matters in making a brand stand out. Análogo’s branding and design for Zorra, a new Mexican beer, possesses the qualities they were aiming for — contemporary, friendly, and strong.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

“Two strong beer styles have been selected to make the brand’s first statement. A black strong Imperial Peanut Stout made with a combination of six malts and brewed with roasted peanut and a Red India Pale Ale which uses a selected variety of hops to bring floral and herbal scents.”

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

The sleek amber bottles have a unique and modern look to them, and the decision not to put a label at the neck keeps the appearance clean and simple. The name Zorra appears in thick, bold lettering, and the front label includes only the necessary information. A leaping fox is associated with the brand, both playful and wild, also embracing the characteristics Análogo wanted the brand to have.

The additional text on the sides of the label as it wraps around is rotated 90 degrees to be read sideways. This interesting choice keeps the information smooth and tidy, almost as if it’s dripping down the bottle, and also focuses the eye towards the main logo.

Editorial photograph

Paco Aguayo as head of Análogo

Designed by: Análogo

Country: Mexico

City: Guadalajara

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