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Eldorado Cereals

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/30/2015 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph

It's not every day you run into a cereal like this one who appeals both to adults and children. Designed by BrandHouse Design, granola appears to be exploding out of breakfast bowls. By combining traditional cereal bowls with playful illustrations, a unique design was created that helped communicate the brand's message and allow Eldorado to stand out on supermarket shelves. 

"Launching their new line of cereals Eldorado owners wanted to communicate the quality of each product within the line, which consists of sweet and healthy products for both children and adults."

Editorial photograph

"It was challenging to make a design solution which will communicate to a broad target group as a whole and still keep the uniqueness of each product within the Eldorado Cereal line. The goal was to create something for both children and adults."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Graphic Designer: Sasha Milic & Vanessa Itriago Ramos 

Creative Director: Anette Brekke-Bjørkedal

Project Manager: Janne Stensnes

Photographer: Eva Brænd 

Consultant: Espen Berg

Designed by BrandHouse Design

Client: Unil AS

Country: Norway