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Stumptown Coffee: Grand Cru

by Elizabeth Freeman on 11/19/2015 | 2 Minute Read

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Stumptown has a reputation in Los Angeles for making some of the best coffee. For a limited time only and available exclusively in their cafes, a new high-end coffee will be served. Made with El Puente Gesha beans, this coffee is like no other. As one of the rarest and certainly the most unusual, whole beans are poured into kraft paper pouches and sealed in a luxurious box. The navy blue container is adorned with golden embellishments inspired by art deco. 

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"Made with highly sought-after El Puente Gesha beans, the new Stumptown Grand Cru Cold Brew is a coffee experience unlike any other. When brewed with traditional methods, this rare variety offers a flavor reminiscent of tea, with notes of both bergamot and tropical fruit. By cold brewing it, Stumptown created something even more unique, with a bright, crisp flavor and notes of orange blossom and papaya, and a sweet finish that brings to mind crème brûlée. It comes in 750ml bottles, and is available exclusively in Stumptown cafes for a limited time."

Elegant and complex, with brilliant tropical notes, bergamot undertones and a nectarous sweetness.  

The Gesha variety is perhaps the most well-known single coffee variety in the world, though it is one of the rarest, and certainly the most unusual.

Gesha is an ancient Ethiopian heirloom but its future is unwritten– it requires a Herculean effort to grow it, demanding hard work and good luck in equal measure. We turn tothe Aguirres for this – and the result: a pristine expression of variety, farm and process in one perfect, brilliant cup."

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