Sad Toy Limited Edition

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/18/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Halbye Kaag JWT created the unique packaging for the Toy Mission, a digital orphanage with a message.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph
“The Toy Mission is a digital orphanage for the world’s unused toys. A non-profit utility where people can meet their perfect playmate. The limited edition Sad Toy was distributed in a unique and hand crafted packaging which was designed to capture and enhance the experience of discovering a long forgotten toy in the basement. This helped create sympathy for The Toy Mission and underlined the total experience of receiving the limited edition Sad Toy”
Editorial photograph Editorial photograph
“To create awareness around The Toy Mission, we released a limited edition red version of the Missions icon.”
— Sad Toy
Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Halbye Kaag JWT

Country: Denmark

Head of design: Robert Daniel Nagy

Senior designer: Jens Henrichsen

Designer: Phong Phan 

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