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Philosophical Honey

by Jessica Deseo on 11/11/2014 | 2 Minute Read

The School of Life first ever food range, Philosophical Honey. This set comes in a beautiful box, where each jar is enclosed perfectly inside. The design of the labels are inspired by the Greek Gods and appropriately named Zeno of Cyprus, Epicurus of Samos, and Plato of Athens.  

"In this has come Honey is one of nature’s most seductive transformations. Nectar, which fed the Greek Gods, becomes the sweetest human food, thanks to the industry of bees as they fill the combs of their hives. And in due homage to this productive, beautifully social and modest creature, The School of Life is supporting the bee population."

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"Not only is honey delicious, it is also food for the soul – connecting us with history and culture, as the best culinary experiences always do. Each jar is sourced from the birthplace of one of the great Greek philosophers and brings to mind their pointed and useful insights."

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"These three fragrant honeys are sourced from the birthplaces of great Greek philosophers:

Zeno of Cyprus: This smooth and creamy honey is collected by Cypriot bees in springtime on the rugged volcanic terrain near Mount Olympus.

Epicurus of Samos: This thick, rich honey hails from the island of Samos – officially the sunniest island in Greece – which lies near the coast of Turkey.

Plato of Athens: Perhaps the most refined of all Greek varieties, Athenian honey has a golden amber colour and an intense thyme scent.

This is the first product in our Food for Thought range."

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Via: The School of Life

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