Hendon Craft Beer

by Elizabeth Freeman on 10/02/2014 | 2 Minute Read

This beer can predict the future! Just take a look at the label and you can find out what will happen after a couple of Hedon Craft Beers. The bottle narrates the short amount of time you have with it, beginning with its bold remark of "Credo," the belief that it has the ability to guide your actions. The pipe below it, foaming at the chamber, invites you to take a sip and relax, knowing very well that vertigo is right around the corner. 

Editorial photograph

"Hedon was established in 2014 as a new-wave craft beer company. The renaissance of craft beers in Hungary nowadays is reaching a new level, bringing more and more customers into the world of quality beers."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

"The brand has an expanding range is available in special beer shops and craft beer pubs. Their name derives from “hedonism” so we chose the figure of a typical hedonist man for the logo. That’s how this beer-bathing guy was born, who enjoys his life and lives for the moment."

Editorial photograph

Designed by Flying Objects

Client: Heddon Sörf?zde

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

In collaboration: Luca Patkós

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