The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Technology, Games, Toys, & Media, Merit - Siemens Hearing Aid Premium Packaging

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Siemens Audiologische Technik GmbH contracted total–solution provider Splitvision Design AB to design and produce a complete packaging range reflecting the high value of its products. The aim was to create a packaging solution that was more than just a disposable container for the hearing instruments. This was achieved by creating a presentation box, which would also serve as a natural everyday storage unit for the instruments and all accessories. The pocket friendly hard case protects the valuable instruments itself while the box has a drawer suitable for batteries and various cleaning tools. Consideration for convenient storage of the user guide and warranty card was achieved by storing the items in a leather organizer, which slides neatly into the base of the package.



To emphasize the premium level of the packaging the outer flaps and organizer are finished in leather imitation with a high quality stitch detail, whilst in contrast the inner tray is molded in ABS to add quality as a functional storage area. A matt silicone ring serves as adapter in order to fit two sizes of hearing instrument etuis/cases into the box with a snug fit. The application of art paper and tactile ribbon make using the package a more satisfying experience. The premium look and feel of the packaging emphasizes the quality of the content and the brand while creating clear value differentiation within the Siemens Audiology packaging range.


Designed by Splitvision Design

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Placement: Merit 

Category: Technology, Games, Toys & Media 


Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph

Editorial photograph


Special Thanks to inwork and MWV 


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