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The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Beer & Malt Beverages, 2nd Place - Meteo & Bernabé and Friends

by First name Last name on 06/23/2013 | 2 Minute Read


Editorial photograph

Mateo & Bernabé is the first craft beer from La Rioja, Spain - designed by Moruba. Mateo & Bernabé are Saints of La Rioja, the company takes it name from these two saints, these are the company's first two beers. In the future, they could to make more beers, and the names of these future beers will be other saints, like Santiago, Fermín, Patricio,… That's why the brand include "and friends".

In the label, the red number represent the day of the Saint which is a holiday and that's why is red. Above the number is the drawing of a fish or a billhook.The fish reference the history of Logroño. In 1.500 when the french army invaded the city , the people survived eating fish, that they caught in the river at night, thanks to this, they defeated the enemy on the 11th of june, the day of St. Bernabé. This story is on the back label. The billhook, is a symbol of the grape harvest. St. mateo is on the 21st of september, he is the saint who takes care the land and the harvest. This day is a big party because wine is very important for the people in La Rioja. Also this story is on the back label. The neck label has got the stories of Mateo and Bernabé. These labels reflect the "Glocal" concept, the beers are made in La Rioja, with a local design but they tell an interesting story to the whole world about our land.



Designed by Moruba

Location: La Rioja, Spain

Placement: 2nd 

Category: Beer, Malt Beverages, & Tobacco


Editorial photograph  

Editorial photograph 

Special Thanks to inwork and MWV

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