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by First name Last name on 06/09/2011 | 2 Minute Read

Editorial photograph


"Fryd Food & Drink taps QSLD Paris to create its brand new vodka. Vod-k Caramel & Truffe is made from exceptional products. The choice of ingredients is a crucial factor of its making and their quality inspired QSLD Paris for the creation of the bottle.

The agency worked on the name research, the graphic identity and the volum design. To highlight vod-k’s extreme purity, QSLD Paris has decided to design a bottle reminding us of a distillery sample bottle."


It is the first packaging to receive the distilled alcohol. It evokes tradition and purity.

"I wanted to reconsider, premiumize and modernize the distillery sample bottle. The bottle of Vod-k is cylinder-shaped heavy and weighted to underline its premium character. This character is highlightened by the mat finishing of its Brown anodized metal cap. The bottom of the bottle is truffle shaped. The concept of Vod-k has been thought from the beginning to the end to create a consistent universe. Vod-k is a modern interpretation of the 'demijohn'. Unique by its shape and its graphic design, Vod-k is also a decorative object. Thought to be exhibited, no detail has been left to chance." Denis Boudard says.


Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

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