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Novaidea Creative Resources

Novaidea Creative Resources

Design, Branding, & Strategy Firms

Volpago del Montello, Treviso


Novaidea interprets the conceptual systems that describe each brand, selecting which distinctive aspects to focus on in each of the communicative channels and to create strong corporate identities to write stories destined to last in time. Novaidea was born in 1980 from an intuition of Franco Vendramin to offer companies an innovative, emotional, creative image and communication service through an agile structure with a strong international network. The quality of Novaidea’s projects was immediately appreciated by emerging fashion companies leading to important and lasting collaborations with Replay, Diesel, Benetton and numerous international collaborations, including Nordstrom, a prestigious North American retailer, National Geographic, Hugo Boss, Alden Shoemakers, A.G. Spalding & Bros, Champion, Unilever, Levi’s, etc. Franco Vendramin decided to take on a new challenge in 2001 and explore the food and beverage industry. Novaidea transferred its experience from the fashion world to new projects, delivering a unique style with new rules, characterized by unparalleled brand and product dialogue. The numerous prizes received by Novaidea encourage the firm to continue this path by exploring innovative marketing and communication strategies to overcome, whenever possible, the limits of custom.


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Franco Vendramin
Art Director
Villa Laurenzi,
Via Saccardo, 17
Volpago del Montello, Treviso 31040