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We are a creative agency that specializes in graphics design, web design and photography. Our clients are companies from various industries and countries around the world. More specifically, we undertake the designing of corporate identity, packaging design, creating complex web sites, designing operational e-shops, digital marketing strategy and product photography for advertising. We like to create a balance between the company and the consumer, focusing on the development of visual communication and analyzing specific data, thus offering a personalized service tailored entirely to the needs of each company. The creation of a properly structured corporate identity creates a strong competitive advantage and adds value to the company. Proper visual communication is a selling tool and strengthens customer loyalty to the products and the services of the company. From the first day of the founding of our company, our vision is to move away from the traditional image of a graphic design studio and bring under one roof a multiple of disciplines in order to offer our clients integrated communication solutions. This is achieved by bringing together creative specialists and experts in the field of the development of businesses and by working as a team to deliver one of a kind communicative experiences to our customers. Today, Artware team consists of 10 People: • 1 Creative Director • 2 Graphic Designers • 1 Web Designer • 2 Web Developers • 1 Project Manager • 1 Digital Marketing Specialist • 1 Photographer • 1 Expert in Business Communication. We enjoy new challenges and we always do our best regardless of the project size. If you wish to learn more about how we work, please contact us to make an appointment . We are available at these phone numbers: Office : +30 2510 223879 C.E.O.: +30 6945 704572 We are always willing and able to find new ways to highlight the value of your company.

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