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We are looking for an ART DIRECTOR - GRAPHIC DESIGNER. We are a small highly collaborative team looking for someone with a few years of experience focused on digital content, email marketing, and Ad creation. Rather than post a list of specific responsibilities we know we need someone resourceful, good with multitasking & multiple responsibilities, a great attitude, eager to learn and curious and has a PASSION for design. 

Are you looking to be part of a small team at the early stage of a company that is going places? Are you able to balance your proactive and reactive duties while staying organized? If so, we want to meet you.


minimum of 2 years' experience. strong design background with portfolio examples of email, ad, and social content examples. Adobe creative suite is a must. Ability to direct photoshoots, experience and a strong comprehension in typesetting.  

How to Apply

send your intro email and portfolio to



8255 Beverly Blvd. 212
Los Angeles, CA 90048

About Us

Corpus is made for people who don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of going natural.

Natural deodorants have been around for a while, but most haven’t kept up with the recent advances in natural chemistry.

This meant people who valued “natural” had to settle for products that did not work, and scents they did not love.

Corpus has refined and redesigned what a natural formula can be. The result is a deodorant that goes above and beyond what you may have come to expect from “natural."

We created a deodorant with elevated scent profiles and a no-compromise vegan formula using only plant and mineral-based ingredients.

Every aspect of the product – from its formula to its packaging to manufacturing – happens in the United States using renewable hydroelectric and solar energy. We did this because we can and because we want the capability to trace every step in the production process. We’re committed to transparency at every level and only partner with manufacturers who feel the same way.

Corpus Naturals was founded in 2018 by J.P. Mastey, a skincare expert with over 15 years of experience. Long interested in natural products, Mastey nevertheless struggled to find products that performed to high standards. After many years of experimentation, he was able to create an effective, natural formula with no compromises. “Natural deodorant was one of those products I felt passionate about, and I got close several times, but close was not good enough,” says Mastey. Newfound techniques, persistence, and inspiration all came together and Corpus was created.