What is Dieline?

Dieline is a website that supports packaging and branding designers. This year we’ve launched a new account feature where you can showcase your work by registering for a new account. Click here to learn more. 

What is a Dieline Profile?

A Dieline profile is a way to build your personal profile comprised of all your packaging and branding projects. Now, anyone from around the world can view your projects or designs. Click here to learn more

What is a Dieline Membership?

A Dieline Membership gives you an opportunity to become a part of the Dieline packaging community. With a membership, you can create your own profile, post your projects, upload a directory listing (talent, firm, supplier) and most importantly, get noticed. As a member, you can now save all your packaging projects, articles, and collections to your specific boards. Even better, it will all live in your personal account.

Why Subscribe to a Dieline Membership?

If you want more visibility and exposure to your work, you owe your career the boost you’ll get with a Dieline membership. Even with a free account, you’re still listed in our Talent/Firm/Supplier directory, but with a Plus or Partner membership, your listing gets priority placement.

With your free account, you can post up to 12 of your personal projects. But with Plus or Partner, you can post unlimited projects, essentially creating a complete portfolio of your work.

As a Plus Member, you can have one active job listing, but as a Partner, you can have unlimited monthly postings, including featured listings on our homepage.

What account is best for me?

Click here to learn more. 

How do I submit a Project for a Dieline Feature?

It’s now easier than ever to get your project considered for Dieline. Just create an account, and post a project to your profile and our wonderful group of Editors will review your work and consider it for a feature. Please note you must register and create a free account for consideration, and your work must be complete.

How Do I Submit an Article for Consideration? 

Want to submit an article for consideration? Email our Managing Editor here.

Can my profile be private?

Your profile is automatically set to be private, but it can easily be made public by selecting the toggle on your user dashboard page to “public” when you are ready.

How Do I Delete or Cancel my Account?

Log in to your Dieline Profile. Click Account > Click Other > From there you will have the option to close your account and/or export your data.

How Do I Post A Job Listing?

On the Jobs page, you can post an open position. On your user dashboard > Click jobs and create a job.

How much is a Job Listing?

Job listings are a flat rate for $99 USD for 90 Days.

If you have subscribed to a Dieline membership:

  • Dieline Plus gives you one active job listing at a time for the length of your subscription.
  • Dieline Partner gives you unlimited premium job postings.

Click here to view all Dieline Membership Options.

Want to read our terms and conditions?

Click here.

How Do I Share My Project on Social Media?

Simply click on the social sharing button on the bottom right of the project page.

How can I advertise?

Email us here

What are favorites?

The Favorites feature allows you to create boards with all of your favorite packaging projects, articles, and features on the Dieline and Dieline Community.

Go to the article, project or feature that you want to favorite > Click on the bottom button named “Save to favorites” > Add to your existing board or create a new board.

All users can have an unlimited amount of boards.

What are boards?

Dieline boards give you an easy way to create packaging mood boards where you can save all your favorite projects, articles, and collections in one place.

Where do I see my favorites?

Favorites can be viewed on your dashboard under favorites.

Have a problem with my payment?

Email us here.

Where is my previous Directory Listing?

If you had a previous Directory listing, we’ve now upgraded our directory and segmented each page to Talent, Firm and Suppliers. The new directory is integrated into the Dieline website allowing for more visibility and control. Unfortunately, you will need to create a new listing, but it's now easier than ever. Please refer to Talent, Firm, and Suppliers.

What is the Talent page?

Talent Page is for individuals who want to promote their related services on Dieline.

What is the Firm page?

Firms Page is for agencies and design firms who want to promote their related services on Dieline. 

What is the Suppliers page?

Suppliers are packaging-related manufacturers. Add your company and description so others can look for a particular type of supplier and find you.

Need some support, having a problem, or just have a question for us?

We got you. Reach out to support@dielinemedia.com, text us at (213) 375-8745, or leave us a voice message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.