Dr. Praegers

Dr. Praeger’s 20 year old company went through a full brand overhaul in 2013, so needless to say it was a bit of a shock when they saw our first presentation and realized we hadn’t kept anything from their most recent efforts. In most cases, Bex will try to keep elements from previous efforts a brand has put forth, but in the case of Dr. Praeger’s, it just felt out of touch with today’s consumer. It also wasn’t a true reflection of their company or their products, which are simple, whole-food ingredient foods that are minimally processed. While it took the client a few days to absorb the “new-ness” of our concepts, they supported us the whole way through and were rewarded in their meeting with Whole Foods, when they went out of their way to tell them how much they LOVED the new packaging, and most importantly, picked up eleven out of twelve of their innovation SKUs.