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Create a brand (and make it stand out) in a market flooded with products that are all just as good and beautiful as yours. Where do you start? Our agency, Acolyte, was entrusted this very mandate by Distillerie Wabasso, our all-time partner, for their new ready-to-drink WhisKeyLime. We needed to create an identity from scratch for this can of delicious refreshment that everyone would love, from whisky enthusiasts to fans of having a cold drink at the park on hot summer Saturdays. Making it tempting for every palate, quickly became the premise for our identity design and packaging work. Some see Art Nouveau, others notice a nod to western signage and some sense a New Age touch. Different tastebuds experience WhisKeyLime differently - and to different eyes, the entire brand will also appear unique. To support the wide range of possibilities, our extensive, comparative copy writing gives great power to the versatility of this Distillerie Wabasso product.



Carolane Godbout Carolane Godbout

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Additional Credits

  • Designer and brand strategist - Carolane Godbout Isabel
  • Copywritters - Carolane Godbout Isabel, Christina Boucher, Vincent Bergeron
  • Illustration - Vincent Bergeron
  • Photographer - Ariane Samson
  • Producer - Emmanuelle Clement


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