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Designing Old Fashioned Brewing Methods for Wellz Coffee

The Widarto team created the WELLZ brand name which is taken from the word “well” which is given the suffix “Z” which means it is delicious for all or all variants of Wellz coffee which has a delicious taste for all people to enjoy. Names that are short, easy to pronounce, easy to remember, easy to develop and easy to associate. Drawn from the Cooper Nouveau typeface, the Wellz Logotype features uniform strokes, wide curves, and an energetic tone that encourages the logotype lively and playful personality. For packaging design, we wanted to communicate brand benefits in a fun way by maximizing the impact of color, photography and typography in a simple yet powerful design layout. By displaying the “Old Fashioned Brewing Method” product value, we want the packaging design to become a strong brand identity and have a competitive value in the market.