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Okiedoggie Premium Dog Treats

Okiedoggie is a new brand manufacturing premium treats. Filled with fun, the brand started by two friends. With one of them working as a professional chef in real life, cooking for both people and his dog, and the other one splitting his time between his buddy and extreme sports, the idea quickly became reality. As designers, we were given the task to create a package which represents all the above values, to convey the messages to the consumer and to stand out. So we decided to illustrate our favorite dogs as teenagers’ super heroes who enjoy their favorite sports. By transforming the Aeonik font into a combination of glyphs and dog treats and creating an intergalactic black hole that extracts croquettes, we put our heroes in an endless treasure hunt game (like real life is, after all). The design elements combined with intense fluo colours, gave us exactly the result we had in mind. A series of packages full of movement, that provokes and invites us to enter the game.