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Supplements with characters of the city!

Many supplements are being produced in the pharmaceutical world every day, and the similarities in their packaging are a cause of confusion among consumers. Our client from the English brand Grantvit asked us to create a competitive advantage that would take the brand characters in a direction to allow consumers to form a better relationship with the product and understand the function of the supplement at first glance. Since the supplements are used to provide essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body on a daily basis, we first designed a set of characters for the city. Each character on the packaging both somehow informs consumers of the supplement’s function and has the personality and behavior related to it. For example, with the Viagmax supplement, we see a powerful man with a built body who is moving with all his might towards the sky. Or with the Vision product, we see a tourist looking through binoculars.

Supplements with characters of the city!


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Additional Credits

  • Commissioned by -
  • Art Director - Seyyed Mostafa Seyyed Ebrahimi
  • Creative Director and Packaging Designer - Yekta Jebelli
  • Motion Designer - Mohammad Ardeshiri


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