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In the last 8 months, we have immersed in the creative spirit, day by day, a new concept was tested, a photo created, until we reach the final artwork. The overall mood was created manually with wood, painting techniques and also a good dose of creativity, allowing us to obtain a neutral but balanced mood, which together with lighting techniques and aesthetic sensibility, resulted in unique images. The construction of the photographic mood created from scratch images were born with a highly relevant technical detail - the minimum of post-production possible that created a faithful reproduction of the idealized shot. The Editorial and Creative Design culminated in a minimalist layout to emphasize the photography allows us to be in the presence of a luxurious work of art, inside and out, which fulfils the maxim "Less is More". The cover and binding are truly exceptional with 4mm French oak wood, bronze metal plate, with laser engraving, a glued spine and stitched with sightlines.