Balagan Shoe Protection Line

In this project we undertook the role of a producer, where our task was to design and produce a leather protection line for Balagan — a company specialising in leather footwear and accessories. With the values of the company in mind, we looked for the most suitable and sustainable option for the packaging along the minimalist and zero waste lines. The design of the products is minimalistic and technical — focusing on a set of icons and enlarged names of the products offering a variety of leather protection. This is why we thought that the series should incorporate an industrial type of packaging. We chose aluminium bottles and jars finished off with aluminium atomizers (note no plastic cap!) which resulted in a sleek and appealing look. The whole line avoids any kind of additional labeling which we achieved with the help of a UV print straight on the packaging. This way all the bottles and jars can be easily recycled without the need of separating the parts, such as paper vs metal.