O’airy Anti Air Pollution Supplement With Augmented Reality Capabilities!

People in cities across the world such as Beijing, New York, New Delhi, Jaipur, and Tehran are all affected by air pollution. O’air is a brand has produced air pollution supplement formula for the first time. This product is in the form of capsules within capsules. The contents of the transparent outer capsule are in liquid form, and the contents of the inner capsules are in the form of white pellets. The basic idea of the packaging shape was taken from the combination of the capsule form and the high rises of crowded cities. AR technology was added to this project. After scanning the QR code and installing the app, the design on the packaging can be seen in 3D form. Shaking the packaging causes the liquid inside the 3D capsules to move as well. In other words, the special nature of this packaging is due to the special nature of the supplement. It reminds consumers of the uniqueness of the formula and the fact that it is unlike the packaging of other supplements.