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Khalili Saffron Packaging Design

Iran supplies 90% of the world's real saffron. And not just ordinary saffron. This country produces the highest quality saffron literally. That's right. Iran has the most and the best saffron globally, which is why original Persian saffron represents quality more than anything. So with this mindset, our team started working on the Super-Negin Kalili Saffron Design project. As always began with research. We dived deep into the Persian culture and history. More specifically, we looked for elements symbolizing ancient original Iranian identity. as a result, we came up with a few ancient famous elements to represent this originality such as Persian rug patterns for background, Persian tiles design on the packaging sides, and gift relative poems from a famous poet. We used purple for the logo and product description to symbolize saffron flowers. This hard box packaging is placed in a handbag with the same design and is a suitable gift for friends and families.