Condesa Gin

Condesa Gin is a new gin from Mexico City’s first micro distillery — bringing the energy and allure of Mexico City to the global spirits landscape. Condesa is distilled with sustainably-sourced, regional botanicals used in traditional Curandera healing rituals. The distillery is led by a Maestra Destiladora and an all-female distilling team in the leafy La Condesa neighborhood. The package design by Swig and brand identity by Schubert Studio harmonize to convey both the artful craft of the Distiladora, and the emotional grace of the Curandera. Swig created bespoke apothecary-inspired bottles for two extra dry gin expressions: the herbal, citrusy Clásica in blue-green glass and the sunny, floral Prickly Pear & Orange Blossom in pale pink glass. The packaging includes original glass embossing, custom acacia wood closures and foil-stamped rustic labels featuring Schubert Studio’s evocative illustration and typography, both of which deftly capture the beauty of the product inside.