Outrovinho - Natural Wine

Outrovinho is made by three friends who decided to make wines that convey a philosophy of life: natural winemaking, small scale, manual production, fair relation with the local producers. A small step for a chemical-free and healthier food. Through yeast and wild processes, wines are naturally vinified with low intervention. Their methods explore the grapes potentials and singularities, without any synthetic aroma and flavour. Resulting in wines that are unique, tasty, vibrant and full of personality. Inside each bottle, there is a drink that carries life's uncertain beauty and something that can never be repeated. Let's enjoy every moment!

Outrovinho - Natural Wine


Camila Bermúdez Camila Bermúdez

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Additional Credits

  • Creative Director - Camila Bermúdez - Brio Design Coletivo
  • Graphic Designer and Illustrator - Asdrubal Fabris - Brio Design Coletivo
  • Photographer - Natalia Blauth - Brio Design Coletivo


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