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Uchronic, the augmented tradition for food and wine pairings

Uchrony: A fictional account of events from a historical starting point. Developed during the lockdown, Uchronic Wines is itself a fiction. Inspired by revisited historical periods, it evolves between the contemporary deco punk world of the prohibition of the 20s and the cyberpunk world of the near future. Fundamentally traditional and deliberately futuristic, Uchronic wines are timeless and sometimes technological. They straddle two millennia. Multigenerational they connect two worlds: physical and digital and propel the gastronomic tradition into the future. Based on a rigorous selection of the best wines and grape varieties of Southern France, Uchronic's aim is to bring a new choice to the street food community and to urban consumers: the choice to sublimate their dishes at all times by offering them a suitable, qualitative and sustainable drink. This way, their brand's mission is to be present in neo-restaurants offering Street Food on the spot or to take away.