Packaging Rebranding for an Historic Company Selling Salt

IBLEA SALE – AN ANCIENT FAMILY TRADITION Iblea Sale was founded in the 30s in Ragusa, along the eastern coasts of Sicily, thanks to the initiative of Giovanni Borrometi, a highly esteemed blacksmith who lost his sight after giving his work to his city. But he did not lose the desire to work and it was then that an indissoluble bond was formed which linked the history of his family to that of a product which has a tradition as ancient as the island: Salt. A NEW COLORFUL PACKAGING FOR THE WHITEST FOOD ON EARTH. We were tasked with redesigning the IBLEA SALE brand and packaging, an historic company that selling salt from the 30s. The primary objectives of the new pack were to stand out on retail shelves, emphasize the product’s unique points of difference. A simple idea for a simple product: A vortex of salt on the bright colors of the most beautiful island in the world. What's Unique? We have dressed the whitest food on the planet, with very colorful packaging.