3 Américas Pasión - A Pasion Fruit That Inspired A Whole Visual Identity

3 Américas Pasión is a highly refreshing beer in the Catharina Sour style and has passion fruit as its central ingredient. Catharina Sour is the first Brazilian beer style accepted by the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program). The style was conceived by the Santa Catharina (a major city in the south of Brazil) breweries and included as one of the styles in the judges' guide and can officially compete as Brazilian style in international competitions. For this layout, we did an initial study on the passion fruit and its flower. The briefing asked for equally light colors and lines to symbolize the smooth ABV and IBU of the beer. Pásion is the Spanish translation for Passion, which comes from the word passion fruit. What's Unique? Pasión is part of a line of fruit-based beers. The art on all labels features the fruit and also the bird that feeds on it. Furthermore, Pasión is a Catharina Sour, the first genuinely Brazilian style recognized internationally.