Hachiko Studio Creates Visual Identity For 3 Américas Mosaico Craft Beer

3 Américas Mosaico is an award winning Hop Lager craft beer. It uses Mosaic Hops in its modern recipe, offering a unique and complex combination of traces of tropical fruits and floral scents. Mosaico brings a high load of citrus hops during the fermentation process, which gives remarkable flavors and scents. Mosaic is presented in 500ml glass bottles, PET plastic bottles and cans. The visual identity also extends to decorative objects for the brewery and the pub, such as posters, pints, napkins, coasters and tap handles. The visual identity combines the hop "Mosaic" and Mosaic art - decorative style that brings together small pieces to form a large figure. The art is a mosaic of 3 shades of green forming the hops which are the focus of the beer recipe. The graphic process was important, with printing on metallized paper and adding texture to the brewery's logo. Creating a beautiful, harmonious and efficient set of information.