CRUDE Skincare

CRUDE brought on our studio to refresh and elevate their brand identity and packaging in an effort to take their business to the next level and become the pioneer in microbiomic skincare. Leaning into the brand’s new positioning as soap-free skincare, we wanted to develop a new brand identity that celebrated our lush, living flora, or microbiome, in a unique way that wasn’t overly scientific or medicinal. We designed custom illustrations that showcases how plants and microorganisms (such as beautiful bacteria and fungi) that inhabit the human body work together to clean, regulate and maintain your body’s homeostasis...all on its own. We paired vibrant accent colors in the new identity and packaging with bold typography to communicate the brand's 'f*ck that' tone. Vibrant photography showcases the beauty of community along with abstract flower images hint to the elusive and mysterious nature of our beautiful flora. CRUDE underscores the need to ditch the suds and embrace our flora.