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Holos is Mindful Nutrition that sustains you for the long-run.

Holos is an overnight breakfast muesli that makes way for a new category: Mindful Nutrition. It's a company whose ethos is rooted in mindfulness and wholeness, knowing that like overnight breakfast, good things take time and patience. Holos was growing up from its digital DTC start, and needed to redesign its packaging and evolve its brand, that could stand out on shelves across North American retail for a modern, active audience. We first worked on repositioning the brand strategy and wanted the packaging to capture its authenticity: Human spirit behind the scenes meets simplicity meets an obsessively organic composition. The logomark and symbol were inherited and redrawn by hand for that organic feel that makes it human. The typographic choice (GT Zirkon) is a bit scientific to speak to the balanced composition. All information is presented in two languages (hello Canadian standards!) across a clear system with beautiful, bright colour, that speaks to the flavour that awaits!