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Empowering Culture Through Coffee

Indonesia is the 4th coffee exporter in the world. One of the countries that has the most coffee variants, one of which is the most popular is Gayo coffee, Sumatra. Gayo coffee is one of the best coffee varieties that has received recognition from foreign observers, especially from members of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE). This is one of ESCO coffee's visions to elevate Indonesian coffee to the international market with a brand, not just a commodity. Talking about Indonesia again means talking about culture. Indonesia consists of 34 provinces which have their respective cultural characteristics. This cultural abundance is what inspires us to introducing Indonesian culture through coffee. This will be at the heart of the design we create for ESCO. We want consumers not only to get good quality coffee, but also to get the aesthetic value of art by knowing the culture where the coffee comes from. It is more authentic and not owned by other brands.