Aupale Vodka

Aupale's design is inspired by Finnish glass masters of the 60s and its origin: a glacier source found in the extreme French Canadian north, below an Aurora Borealis sky. The challenge was to craft a custom bottle inspired by its origin and based on the classic Bordeaux shape. From sky to glacier, the glass texture is transitions from smooth to irregular and rippled, to create the effect of an icy base. The brand symbol is debossed in the punt (a perfect half sphere), so when you view the bottle from the front, you can see an iceberg standing in the centre. These details awaken an instinctive emotion and connection to nature we want people to feel. Something special and intriguing. A silky pale green cap made of 100% recyclable tin nods to the borealis sky, refined, and typography brings an edge to elegance for a modern take on luxury. The company is based in Montreal, Canada, and is soon available worldwide in various markets from Mexico to France to The Middle East.

Aupale Vodka



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Additional Credits

  • Design Firm - Wedge
  • Design Director - Justin Lortie
  • Creative Director - Sarah Di Domenico
  • Design Lead - Ariane Leblanc
  • Designers - Olivier Raymond, Noé St-Onge, Guillaume Bechon, Philippe Dionne Bussières, Dominic Liu
  • Project Manager - Shanel Lessard
  • Photographer - Alex Blouin, Jodi Heartz
  • Printer - Impremerie St-Julie
  • Production Manufacturer - Bruni Glass


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