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Borland Hand Crafted Bakery

Borland is a new bakery shop brand made by Randy Borland, whose name is also used as the bakery brand name. As an executive bakery chef, Borland knows very well how to create special signature products. Processed fresh and warm from creative hands, Borland wants to communicate itself as a simple, hand made, and luxurious bakery. TYPOGRAPHY IS AN ENERGY The Borland bakery logo is a logotype with a serif type that has a strong character in every curve, every line. This logo represents the goal that Borland wants to convey to customers for more expectations when customers visit and enjoy Borland bakery products. The Borland logo has a strong energy when standing alone and when combined with other graphic elements.

Borland Hand Crafted Bakery


Widarto Impact Widarto Impact

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Additional Credits

  • Creative Director - Eko Widarto
  • Account Director - Dian Rifiyani Setiyaningtiyas
  • Finance Manager - Dwi Irawati
  • Project Manager - Jalu Linuwih Muhammad
  • Art Director - Renjana Qudsi Mawlana Wirabhumi
  • Graphic Designer - Fajar Septian Effendi


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