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Brighton soda drinks

Nestled on Dendy Street Beach, the Brighton bathing boxes are a popular Bayside icon and cultural asset of Melbourne. The folks of Studio Blackthorns who discovered these lovely tiny houses on a sunny morning immediately wanted to design a conceptual beverage brand inspired by these bath houses. So they created a range of 10 different probiotics sodas in 150 ml cans related to their personal top 10. Each of them has its own flavor (Banana, spirulina mint, juicy pear, Blackcurrant, violet & ginger…) and each number corresponds to a real box. They used the 1921 Brighton Life Saving club logo to give the brand a more vintage look as well as a distinctive typography for the numbers and the flavors. The font used reminds us of the Victorian aesthetic especially on the loops, ascenders and tails of the letters. A vivid hypothetical range of low-sugar beverages that, we're sure, every Victorian and Melburnian would love to drink!