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Beer Cans for Millennials

Crafted beers packagings are totally crazy these days and it can be tough to differanciate with all these pretty insane designs. One of the best way to separate yourself from the crowd is to focus on your target market and personas. This project is a nice example of this fact. If you’re born in the 80’s, you will definitly feel nostalgic seeing these 330ml beer cans. It might also give you the irrisistible need to grab your old SNES and play all the Mario Kart cups! The Retro Brewing Company cans are a tribute to the good old days and the vibrant pop colors of the design give you some happiness. You can play pilsner, bright ale, pale ale and IPA. What game will you choose? This project is a part of the 366 Cans Challenge for the year 2020.