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Frida Kombucha, the Healthy Sparkling Drink

Frida Kombucha is a conceptual sparkling probiotic beverage. The range is available in 6 different flavors such as Ginger Power, Grapefruit, Chocolate mint, Rose Kiss, and so on… Early studies have looked into probiotics’ effects on everything from cancer to heart disease to the immune system, showing evidence that regularly consuming probiotics might lower your risk of certain diseases. To illustrate the benefits of Frida Kombucha, we used several patterns with geometrical shapes and circles which basically represent bacterias at work. In brief, the design of the cans is a metaphor of a good digestion (with a beautiful color palette). The bold typeface for the name is from the foundry Violaine et Jérémy and fits nicely with the overall look. This project is a part of the 366 Cans Challenge for the year 2020.