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366 Cans Challenge

A challenge to celebrate Studio Blackthorns 10th anniversary: designing a can a day in 2020. We were proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2020 with an ambitious challenge to help put behind what’s been a very forgettable year. The principle was to design a can a day for 366 days. Cans are booming right now, so we wanted to empower each individual brand with an array of fresh, bold and edgy concepts. Some concepts minimalist, some overcharged and some with augmented reality. The challenge covered all kinds of beverages from beers, wines, spirits and hard seltzers, to non-alcoholic drinks like coffees, sodas, CBD-infused potions etc. This project was more than just designing cans, it was about harnessing the power of design and strategic-thinking to create next-level brands. Website's project: